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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko now holds the record for the longest reign in heavyweight boxi

Originally Posted by Stonehands89 View Post
You cannot redo what was never done in the first place. The WBS racketeers came into the sport and made an absolute mess of it, far worse than Carbo -who at least left the thrones alone.

Sorting through the mess is a giant job and you don't know if you like my "lineage" beciause it is as yet unpublished.

Robinson-Bell was 66 years ago. Why not go back 86? How would you propose filling vacant thrones then?
But it was done. Jones was considered by all and sundry a 4 weight titlist. In 3 of those weights he was the top dog.

Your results are unpublished, but it is the principle I refer to. It's idealistic but not currently representative with boxing imo.

We can go back many years to the days of the claimant system which mirrors today's climate. Boxing has had many periods of fracture, the days of the colour bar are another example. When boxing wasn't as fractured, we saw titles claimed by ways other than 1v2 the best example being Robinson. An insistance today not only ignores the current climate but it doesn't follow on from it's own history.

Lineage is perfect in a perfect world, but with multiple titles and poor judging we can't pretend boxing is black and white. We certainly can't pretend there is a vacant hw crown.
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