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Default Re: Did Chisora put on the best performance against a Klitschko in the last 5 years?

Originally Posted by trotter View Post
Wlad is a totally different proposition to vitali though

I thought haye gave wlad the most problems since Peter, but his success was only in terms of disrupting wlads game plan. He didn't get anything of his own going at all. That's the beauty of wlads style now.

Im not saying haye had a lot of success either. But after watching one fat American after another plod onto the end of wlads jabs for multiple rounds it was refreshing to see someone actually slip a few shots, make wlad think a bit.
Agreed, Haye gets a lot of **** for that fight (most deserved admittedly) but the truth is had Haye been some humble guy from another country that hadnt talked **** for years then we would be crediting one of the better performances of a fighter vs Wlad rather than critisizing what he didnt do (or what he said he'd do.)

Anyway, he might become more popular after his TKO6jarstars over notorious london tough man Huge whatshisface, although his ducking of Colin Bates is hard to ignore.
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