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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko now holds the record for the longest reign in heavyweight boxi

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
But it was done. Jones was considered by all and sundry a 4 weight titlist. In 3 of those weights he was the top dog.
Note your word "titlist." That is telling.

Note your word "top dog"; ie: premiere fighter. That too is telling.

Jones was a four-division titlist, but your titlist is my contender.

He never, ever, beat the true champion.

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
Your results are unpublished, but it is the principle I refer to. It's idealistic but not currently representative with boxing imo.

We can go back many years to the days of the claimant system which mirrors today's climate. Boxing has had many periods of fracture, the days of the colour bar are another example. When boxing wasn't as fractured, we saw titles claimed by ways other than 1v2 the best example being Robinson. An insistance today not only ignores the current climate but it doesn't follow on from it's own history.

Lineage is perfect in a perfect world, but with multiple titles and poor judging we can't pretend boxing is black and white. We certainly can't pretend there is a vacant hw crown.
Good argument, but you had to overlook forty years to make it. Before the Walker Law boxing was a fractured mess with claimants springing up out from under the ring. Then it got pretty organized, despite sporadic conflict between the NYSAC and the NBA. It progressed.

After 1963 it got progressively worse and has since returned to the mess of the 1910s. You accept it. I don't. I believe that we can apply an objective standard to find the true champions in every division in every era -and I have. Some of the results are hurtful to be sure -some hurt me- but the price we all paid because of the ABC boys becomes very clear. They've ruined the sport and every time a writer or commentator mentions their tin-belts as if they meant something, they become complicit. It's a hard line, but nothing short of that is every going to change a damn thing.
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