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Default Re: What's the right sound a pad makes when you hit it?

Originally Posted by r1p00pk View Post
sorry if this is sort of a re****ed question but i recently just start to really sort of snap my punches but at times but when i throw body weight into my punches but there's less of a snap.

When i snap my jab, i get that really loud sound like when you smack someone but when i put more of my body weight into it, it's a bit slower but the impact is more of a thud instead of a smack

Im sort of confused because im not putting much power into the snappy jab but it gives a much louder noise. When i hit the bag it doesnt even feel like im hitting it hard at all with the jab unless i sort of i gets do a push jab. Or is that because the bag is just too big?
You know the smacking noise when you're going at it hard with a lady? It should sound like that but about 7-8 decibels higher. That's when you know you're hitting it sweetly.
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