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Default Re: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Ray Robinson

Originally Posted by Waynegrade View Post
Not sure I agree.. Beating Cervantes at 17,Palomino, Duran fighting SRL hrad and beating Duran, doesn`t qualify as overrated... Shaky chin , yes. But still on historical accomplishment, great.
Um no, benitez was as inconsistent as they come, the reason he doesnt catch flak for it is because he fought the fabulous fab 4 guys. He lost to bruce curry and got a gift, was shot past the age of 24 and brutally beaten up by davey moore. A hall of famer, but not an all time great. I thought everyone dismisses his win over duran and says duran was past it, now you want to treat it like a world beater win, double standard, yeah i think so. Oscar De la hoya accomplished more than benitez and Donald Curry would beat him head to head. Only difference is curry didnt fight the fab 4, so he doesnt have the 'fame'. Donald's younger brother beat wilfredo, i have no problem seeing curry beat him.

Oscar always gets hate for losing big fights. Well wilfredo lost his big fights and then he was taken out by davey moore. If anyone was a choker in big fights, its benitez.
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