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Default Re: UFC 154: St-Pierre v Condit

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
I have no ****ing idea who wins this fight, which is a big reason why it's one of the two or three most anticipated fights of the year for me.

I could shake you like a baby.....

What is this? 2nd big fight in a row and no pick, oh you ****ing tease

Originally Posted by Ne5ville14 View Post
One thing that we can be sure is that GSP will take Condit down. one thing in favor of GSP is how good he is to keep top control and get good positioning.

The only thing I really wonder is what version of GSP will show up.

We know GSP has good standup skill, but in his 3 or 4 previous fight he, at least IMO, showed poor stand up skill. Good jab vs Kosheck, he was awful to watch against Shields and he didn't seems to want to trade against Hardy. TBH I don't really remember the fight against Alves I need to rewatch it, so I won't comment it.
I think in his last few defenses we saw him do what he does best which is use all his tools and shut down his opponents in the process. I will have to dig these fights up because I just remember Kos getting circled and punched in the face, Shields recieving a gnarly spinning back kick, and Hardy getting *****slapped. I remember UFC 100 pretty well, and GSP was able to take Alves down at will.

But, I don't see him winning that type of fight (UFC 100) against Carlos Condit. GSP is not ready for a FIGHT so he better do some damage if he scores a takedown, make sure that if CC rises it's a little slower each time. GSP cannot play the 1-2 game in there, he needs to change levels and make it a lot easier on himself. Winning a 5 round decision is highly unlikely, but I know a few people that tend to agree with most of you.
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