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Default Re: UFC 154: St-Pierre v Condit

I'm not disagreeing with anything you are saying there, but you can't argue that if you compare performance like GSP VS Hugh 2 with GSP VS Kosheck/Hardy/Shields/Alves it's far from being the same type of performance.

By saying that I'm not trying to diminish his victory but I always thought something was weird.

With Kosheck he was doing the right thing, he was circling and jabbing but he never opened with combo. From what I remember at one point in the 4th if he had used some combo Kosheck would have lost by TKO but he never took the chance.

Against Hardy I remember a lot of takedown, using top control, the failed armbar and kimura but he didn't really seem willing to engage on the feet.

Same with Alves, and Shields well by round 2 one eye was missing, he threw alot of huge overhand right, some kick and stop all the takedown.

I've got to admit I probably need to rewatch all those fight, but from what I rememebr it look like that !

CC it's completly different.

I've never really seen him in real danger against anyone.

I've scored the fight against Kampmann for Condit (my Criteria) but I see how the UFC judge scored it for Martin.

Other then that the MacDonald fight was close, I had it even going into the third round but I can see how both round could have been scored for Rory.

But GSP is really good at maintaining top control and not putting himself into bad position.

I've got to admit it's a tough fight to call !
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