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Default Re: Is De La Hoya overated?

Originally Posted by Aaron Contreras View Post
Is there a link you can send with more boxers' records against top-10 competition?
I do it by hand.
Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
Aaron, there's a few rare people that actually have collections of around 12,000+ magazines going to way back when that pegs exact ratings at the time of fights and as a result, a more detailed picture of things. I can't publically post my source because I don't want him to be bombarded, but I can give you all of the stuff I've got so far if you wanna hit me up.
And not that way either. My old copy of the boxing register lists whether or not you were top 10 or a champion when you fought them.
Originally Posted by ushvinder View Post
How about pernell whitaker and jose napoles? Man if they beat more top 10 guys than willie pep, it really makes pep look bad, considering he fought over 100 times.
Napoles was 23-4. I don't have Whitaker handy. Honestly those numbers don't tell the whole story as there were almost half as many divisions as well as the fact that pep (and guys like him) fought scads of guys who were just out of the top 10 or damned good. Anything above 20 is pretty deep. 30 and.above is simply fantastic. 40 is jaw dropping.
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