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Default Re: The rise and rise of Australia's own Daniel Geale

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Danny had a DVD to prove it, and he changed his mind within 24hrs, not a year
You just turned on Daniel Geale overnight, after being on his bandwagon for more than a year. Here's you post from September 2nd and you were still clearly onboard. The hate hadn't started >>>

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
The intresting bit will be, does the media get behind this kid or does the farce contuine? We have witnessed history but we may be witness to some more if the entire country and media dont get behind this kid something is NOT farking right.

I am thinking how do boxing fans let the media know we arent happy with their lack of coverage and exposure for Geale if they do sit on their hands with this? he should become a bigger house hold name than Green and Mundine but i bet you my left nut that nothing media wise for Geale changes.
>>> So your hate for Geale was a sudden thing, and it came after Sept 2nd. Only a handful of weeks ago
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