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Default Re: Is De La Hoya overated?

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Right so you're giving Trinidad and Mosley 2 fights and saying he won Quartey and Whitaker? I think you're either a big fan or rate late round flurries highly regardless of them landing I certainly had him losing to Whitaker and Quartey as many others did. For the record a judge who had him beating Quartey had him losing to Trinidad.

Forrest was on his horizon from around '98 from my recollection, nothing wrong with it not happening then obviously with the bigger fights around, but Forrest was unbeaten until '03.

Oscar certainly isn't better than Forrest, Winky & Ike. Quartey outboxed him for about 9 rounds, Forrest did far better in 2 fights with Mosley as did Winky

Anyway I'd rank Mayweather and Hopkins above Delahoya by a margin, they're just allot better boxers for various reasons
Oscar def' beat Tito & SSM the 2nd time, Sweet Pea & Ike were very close and could have gone either way, Oscar finished well vs Ike and was the agressor vs Pea.

I don't remember Forrest being a potental contender for Oscar while he was at WW, thought Oscar was on the way out when he was on the way up. No way Forrest is better than Oscar, Mayorga even out boxed him.

Winky and Ike are nowhere near Oscar

25% of Hopkins MW defences were against Allen and Echols, Hopkins had to leave his own division because he could not beat Jermain Taylor.

Mayweathers own division finally started to get some good comp' so he retires , then ducked a former FW for health reasons.

I am just a fan of any boxer that takes on all comers, esp' if they have cleaned out their own division
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