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Default Re: What next for Chauncy Welliver??

Originally Posted by chauncy View Post
Geez, Alex still let's you out of your cage? If they can come up with the proper dollars to make the fight happen, then let's make it happen. I'd be keen. They'll offer pennies or expect me to promote it is the problem. I'm tired and only want a few more fights. One more in NZ, one more in China and then a big farewell in Spokane. If more fights happen before the Spokane fight, then so be it, but I won't fight for pennies. They give a good offer, I accept. Simple as that. You can give that to team Leapai. I'm sure Noel knows what I make for fights, so if he can get the funding, I'm sure I'll hear from him.
Until then, I'll be busy running a business in Spokane and managing my fighters trying to get Money Messer to get over here to help us out with it.
Chauncy, if you're feeling tired and over it maybe take a year off from fighting. Continue training without the added pressure of upcoming fights. It'll help you recharge. And identify areas in which you are deficient and work on them during this time.

You are relatively young and from what I've seen haven't absorbed a great amount of punishment thus far. It would be a shame for you to give it away without having fulfilled your potential. There's plenty of time to be retired later. All the best.
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