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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

I've just seen Volo/Wach. People's tendency to overdramatise is neat. There were three sentiments I was coming across before watching it, during the round-by-round and post-fight that seemed very interesting.

1. Volo was so much more quick-starting and aggressive than usual that he was dang-near burning himself out like young Volo against Puritty.

2. Volo was badly hurt by a Wach bomb and saved by the bell, in big trouble, getting battered on the ropes!

3. Wach was terrorised so badly that there could've been multiple 10/8 rounds. It was a horrific nightmare of brutality.

Well, my take:

1. Klitschko did unleash faster and more than usual. But, no, he wasn't fighting at a crazy pace or swinging for the fences with each shot or even slightly looking like he couldn't keep up with his own pace. Not at all. Before watching I was wondering if he was maybe a bit wild because he wanted a kayo in tribute to Manny. Truthfully, this was just a higher activity Volo who was still professionally cautious and minding his gas tank. (The ref should mind the Volo stiff-arming, but if I could get away with it, I would too-it's effective)

A good performance with some drive against a limited but highly tough guy. It wasn't like the old days though. He didn't put on a striking display of offence like against Mercer and Schulz, before going defensive. I didn't think this was really that big of a departure from recent form. I wasn't bored. But, I wasn't excited either.

2. This is like when Lennox was nearly destroyed aka a little stunned but completely in control against Briggs, except Wach was much less effective than even Briggs in capitalising, as I remember it. I don't think Wach landed one good punch after initially catching Volo and I don't think Volo was particularly stunned either. Did he get caught on the ropes a bit? Yes. That was unusual. Did he hang on hard? Yes, but, he does that when nobody punches him at all too. That doesn't really mean much. He's one of very few serious punchers that's also a defensive spoiler. There was nothing to really make of it, anyway, that I could tell.

3. 1 round. 1 round was arguably a fair 10/8 round, but I'll admit, Wach did get laid into a few times in ways that I'm quite surprised didn't take him off his feet or make him jelly-legged. Maybe people are making too much of the chin talk but that was some impressive durability, there. He got pretty mashed up throughout that round by a legit kayo-puncher. I still think the calls that it must be stopped were a bit melodramatic. I thought that with Cobb/Holmes too. Melodramatic Howard.

Anyway, a good showing from a long-reigning champ against a voluntary 0-record with slow hands and novelty size. 12-0. No, I didn't give him the one round he landed a visibly big shot. It was a little modern day Holmes/Cobb-like. Not bang on, but it bore enough similarity. Maloney is pretty disgusting as a person.

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
can't wait to watch it and check out harold's "card" (which as the years go by appears more like a doodle he made out of mus**** on a discarded napkin that lampley is trying to pass off as ****ysis)
Signaturian, my man. Positively signaturian. I like Harold. He's a fun guy. His cards often have no rhyme or reason as far as keeping with any pattern or anything that makes any sense but I like him. Jim!
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