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Default Re: Updated progress pics, but wtf is the most replied most viewed thread in history

Originally Posted by lefty View Post
You're still carrying on with this shit Anglo? Maybe that old guy who you claimed was me didn't enjoy having his private pictures put up? You look even less of a fitness model than you do a bodybuilder. I guess you're looking for a new hobby to fail at? If you make your way to Perth on your travels please send me a pm so we can catch up
Old man, or skinny runt, either pic was hilarious and linked to you, clearly life partners, I still feel you were the old duffer who asked his submissive skinny runt to pose with a sign. You didn't even have abs

lol@ Lefty coming out of hiding since I nailed bodybuilding, to provoke me before i succeed in Fitness competitions too, as I am already a fitness model, and he has been forced to use an alt for half the year, it's hilarious.

Also, last time he lived in Melbourne, now he realises I am going there, it's Perth LOL
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