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Default Re: Updated progress pics, but wtf is the most replied most viewed thread in history

Originally Posted by lefty View Post
You're still carrying on with this **** Anglo? Maybe that old guy who you claimed was me didn't enjoy having his private pictures put up? You look even less of a fitness model than you do a bodybuilder. I guess you're looking for a new hobby to fail at? If you make your way to Perth on your travels please send me a pm so we can catch up
Old man, or skinny runt, either pic was hilarious and linked to you, clearly life partners, I still feel you were the old duffer who asked his submissive skinny runt to pose with a sign. You didn't even have abs

lol@ Lefty coming out of hiding since I nailed bodybuilding, to provoke me before i succeed in Fitness competitions too, as I am already a fitness model, and he has been forced to use an alt for half the year, it's hilarious.

Also, last time he lived in Melbourne, now he realises I am going there, it's Perth LOL
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