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Default Re: What does a training look like at your gym?

I've established a pretty standard routine after 15 months:

- Put on hand wraps
- 3 rounds of skipping to warm up
- 3 rounds of shadowboxing
- 3 rounds of heavy bag work
- 3 rounds of the speed ball
- 3 rounds of the double ended bag

----5 minute break----

- 3-5 rounds of padwork (depending on how many people there are in the gym)
- 3-5 rounds of sparring (depending on intensity, availability of sparring partners, how many people need to use the ring that day etc)

---- 5 minute break---

- 5 x 5 squats
- 1 x 5 deadlifts or 5 x 5 bent over barbell row
- 1.5-2km on the mill or rowing machine to cool off

All rounds are 3 minutes long with a 1 minute break in between rounds. Whole workout takes around 2 hours but I only hit the gym thrice a week so its okay (I've noticed most amateurs do around 5-8 hours each week). Sometimes I swap the order in which I do things so that I could lift more, have less fatigue while sparring etc
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