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Default Re: Updated progress pics, but wtf is the most replied most viewed thread in history

Originally Posted by Anglosaxon View Post
It's funny you assume because I am a big ripped man, i'd be small there, I guess you missed my porn video that went around ESB.

With 6 months training to beat over half my roided up competitors is a success.
Get on your real account pipsqueek
no I just go by what the person sed before about u needing a sock to put down ther...surprisingly i'm not interested in watchin u in a porno nu ****in oddball

and whenever anyone bois u off ur first response is that it is an alt, have u ever thought that is a common concensus round this place that ur a spastic

i'm not a pipsqueek neither am i a hero like u lmao, just a normal person tryin to bring abnormal ppl back down to earth....if i had a a time machine i would probly go back and stick a coat hanger up ur mums fanny and just eradicate the problem
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