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Default Re: How do you slip the jab?

when your opponent jabs at you pretend to slip and fall and this will freak him out because he hasnt hit you yet.

but on a serious note you dont EVER slip the jab (1 punch) because Next time he engages with you, he’ll most likely fake the jab and then throw a right hand right cross It’s better to slip your opponent’s bigger punches because he’s more vulnerable when committing to bigger punches. Don’t to slip too many jabs. They’re really fast punches with minimal recovery time so your counter might be too late. Slipping a jab also burns your energy since you have to move faster than the jab. but the key's to slipping his first jab would be Pivot clockwise, bend your knees and dip your head down to the right just enough to clear the jab and then come back with a right hand counter to the head or body
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