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Default Re: Referee - Tony Perez 'I Should Have DQ'd Muhammad Ali'

Originally Posted by The Kurgan View Post
And Frazier had a bad eye. And Ali was about 32. And Frazier was never the same after the FOTC and the Sunshine Showdown. Etc. etc. etc. etc.

The point is that you can't rule out that NYSAC was keen to keep Ali sweet, DESPITE the fact that he didn't fight in NY for some time after that fight. Ali was treated soft because he was a cash-cow; call it karma after 1967-1970 if you like, but a fact's a fact.

If it's harder to hold without breaking the rules against a shorter boxer, then so much the worse for being tall. Lots of boxers have faced the same difficulties Ali faced against Frazier, but most of them weren't allowed to frequently break the rules.

I'd be interested to see a comparison between the number of low-blows by Frazier in the FOTC and the number of holds behind the head by Ali in their second fight. However, even if they are comparable or even if Frazier low-blowed more often, it doesn't exonerate Ali.

The FOTC is notable, by the way, for being a fight where a ref didn't allow Ali to frequently hold behind the head, presumably because of the unique focus on the fight and the fact that Mercante was forced to say "There will no holding behind the head" to the whole crowd beforehand. Ali held in the FOTC, but not illegally or excessively, since it's harder to hold if you can't just grab someone's neck and pull down on it.

IIRC, Ali didn't hold excessively or illegally in the Thrilla either.
This is palpable nonsense because Ali did not fight in NY for over 2 and a half years ,and he only fought in NY twice more for the rest of his career. Some "cash cow"
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