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Default Re: UFC on Fuel: Cung Le vs Rich Franklin RBR & Discussion w/spoilers

Originally Posted by Aaron Contreras View Post
Okay, it was from the kick that Franklin put his hands down (which we all know, you're not suppose to do), so what difference does it make?

Bottom line, his hands were suppose to be up -- it's not like he was suspicious of a takedown.
It’s funny how guys can be so convinced they’re right but yet be so wrong!

You always drop your hand on the side you’re kicking at point of impact with any Muay Thai round kick it’s crucial to the natural fluidity of the kick and hence the subsequent power it generates! Don’t just take my word for it here’s current top flight Thai fighter Pornsaneh Sitmonchai and all round Thai baddass famed for his devastating low kicks showing how it should be done!


The whole chain of events was started by Franklin throwing a poor quality Thai type low kick with his power leg to Le’s lead leg, in reality he probably should have chosen to throw his own lead leg to the inside of Le’s lead leg, which would have spun or “pushed” Le’s lead leg away and from under him from him and hence unbalanced Le who was clearly setting himself to throw power shots, as can be seen by Le having 50% of his weight on his lead leg. However, throwing an effective lead round kick correctly is a more technically difficult kick which Franklin may not have felt comfortable with against an experienced striker such as Cung. Hindsight eh!

The problem was he showed bad technique from the get go, he didn’t commit with his hips and hence was leaning slightly backward and upright too much with his head behind the centre of gravity in his hips rather than over and ahead of them which stopped him from turning his hip into the kick, generating power and keeping him low with his chin tucked behind his shoulder. Cos he didn’t commit he “snatched” the kick, his shoulder was already returning back leaving him in a very exposed up right position almost before the kick landed. You constantly see that kind of panicky uncommitted low kick snatch with MMA fighters due to them being understandably very wary of take downs and being constantly drilled as such, but that’s only to be expected as it seems a lot of guys in MMA don’t actually come from deep striking backgrounds and are legitimately worried about being taken to the mat off a badly timed or unbalanced strike.

And remember he was fighting an experienced striking veteran Cung, who was very comfortable walking into “fire” as opposed to many MMA fighters who tend to “bounce” back from “fire”. Lucky punch maybe in terms of accuracy & timing but Cung was looking for a headshot that’s why he braced the kick and walked in.

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