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Default Re: UFC on Fuel: Cung Le vs Rich Franklin RBR & Discussion w/spoilers

Originally Posted by Canibus81 View Post
It's called habits, and you only develop habits if no one gets on you about it. And most guys who throw a low Muay Thai kick drop thier hands because their trying to put too much mus**** behind the kick. That's one of the reason why I don't like Muay Thai kicks, because even though it can be powerful, it's too predictable and not fluid enough, that's why he got timed and it was by someone who's more fluid than he is.
Canibus, we've been here before haven't we? It's the most fluid effective kick in all the combat world that's why it's become the round kick of choice to all full contact combat fighters the world over! The proof of it's unrestricted fluidity is its power..........

Even your guru Bruce after filming Big Boss man in Thailand took note of it. He writes a pargraph or two about its fluid mechanics in the Tao of JKD!

Originally Posted by Joe.Boxer View Post
You're the fan of girl-like standup . You belong on the Netball team, ya flailing squat-****in' sissy!
As your such an experienced "observer" of the sport I've got two words for you "**** Off"..ohhppss, not those two words I meant these 2 " Ramba Somdet" , infact I've got 6 words for you " Ramba Somdet & Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai" ...... If you doubt their god like striking capabilities then you should be banned for life from any MMA forum now and in your undoubtless many reincarnations !

Oh, and by the way the guy you say is a fan of "girl-like standup" PIRA has been invloved in Muay Thai & Kickboxing for over 25 years!! (I think it's actaully longer right?).

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