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Default Re: How do you slip the jab?

You can constantly move your upper body side to side to slip the jab and any other punches (if that works into your rhythm). Slipping to the right and coming back with a right hand right after is clever, but keep your left hand up and don't get predictable with it. Doing it on a slight angle out of range of the right helps, especially if you bait and make it look like you've thrown a lazy jab.

If you're short or like to crouch at times, you can slip inwards, and as their sight follows your head going downwards (making it look like you might go to the body), an overhand right will land over the top just outside of their field of vision.

It's best to add catching the jab with the glove close to your face (not far out, because you'll set yourself up for the left hook), or also pushing it down with a hard parry to open things up and throw off their rhythm.
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