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Default Re: what is chauncy welliver worth now?

Chauncy is a tough one.

Like it or not, he hasn't been stopped for a long time and from all accounts has a SOLID chin. So I think he has value in that it's not going to be an easy night for any fighter, will go into some late rounds.

Problem then is, it will probably be an ugly fight, sadly the shape Chauncy looks to be is all that will matter to the casual fan (whether he has the best cardio in the world won't matter) which then makes it's hard to imagine the fans being happy and therefore tough to promote.

But then Chauncy has shown he can pull some media strings which is a positive for a promoter.

For me I still like him as the best 'local' match up for Leapai, Demori, SBW or Browne, simply cause he will be hard to put away and put some much needed rounds under all their belts. No idea what he 'prices' himself at these days though, after Fujimoto and Williams I hope he realises his worth is now a little lower cause I would love to see him against any of the above 4.

Appreciate you posting here still Chauncy with all the **** you cop, you seem like a stand up guy and I wish you the best.
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