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Default Re: Updated progress pics, but wtf is the most replied most viewed thread in history

Originally Posted by ruttmk42 View Post
a thread where some ****head just goes on tryin to get ego boosts, then acouple guys who count how many grams of weight they put on a week.

then a few cool ppl like smalls, jdsm, el puma n bill
To be fair, I am a fan of Anglo's and that's after having prior dustups over his humor that was lost on me at the time. Without revealing any personal info, i can say he is the real deal and am impressed with his hard work,knowledge and dedication in regards to bodybuilding.

This is after all the training section of ESB so I think it's a pretty decent thread to have as it can draw more people to the website who aren't into boxing.

As it were, you're a good poster and I thought I'd just get that off my chest.
Originally Posted by cutthroat22 View Post
**** this thread if people start replying to the obvious trolls.

Tried German volume training today, not sure what to think, anyone tried it?
It's been well over a decade but I do remember being very sore from it. Going for hypertrohy are you?
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