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Default Re: Fat Dan: Wlad "one of the greatest heavyweight champions in history"

Originally Posted by gobblock View Post
He's the champ. Why should he give a **** if they're prime or not? People are offered title shots and that's their problem is they're not ready for it yet, as they so frequently say they aren't. He's running out of challengers since he's cleaned out the division. He can beat down brash green prospects who think they're ready, seasoned mandatories who earn a second shot at him after losing to him years ago, or frightened contenders who are just in it for the money like David Haye.

I'm sure, as a hater yourself, you'd love for these prospects and former contenders (Arreola) to be allowed to "develop" so that you can whine about how "Wlad is wasting his time fighting bums instead of young hungry lions like Pulev, Mitchell, Fury," etc.

The fact is, when people reflect objectively on his career so far based on all his past performances, they tend to believe his prime started with the Samuel Peter fight where he overcame adversity, showed the heart of a champion, won, and has never looked back. Deal with it.
Lol, you're a pathetic nuthugger!! So in your world its excusable to lose with plenty of experience and ok to fight green fighters. Thanks, that tells us all we need to know about your objectivity!
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