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Default Re: What next for Chauncy Welliver??

Originally Posted by The MesserStick View Post
Tank Williams is tough as hell but he got very lucky against Chauncy. It was 1 of Chauncy's worst performances and the only thing keeping him from winning was Chauncy having the strength that night to engage him more. Chauncy was not himself that night and Tank still could not hurt him, and only could land any punches when he hit illegally on the break. Tank just beat the snot out of Robert Helenius though. Chauncy was never put on ***** street like Robert was. If De Moron or Bill Williams fought Tank he would roll over them like they were a freshly paved interstate....with no bumps in the road at all. Both guys get knocked out by the 1st OH right that lands from Tank.

As for Fujimoto, give the man props. He survived Welliver putting him on ***** street in the 1st round...something De Mori would not have survived. And then the guy was fast, active, and fought a good fight. It was a close fight but he won it. Chauncy was burned out by then though. It was taking a lot out of him to be in the 230's. And then traveling all of those miles to go fight, fighting at times when you'd normally be sleeping, all of that kind of stuff was against him. The man beat Chauncy but was lucky to see him when he did.

But remember this folks.....Chauncy has lost but he has never been crushed or even dented. 392 HW rounds and nobody has put him down. De Mori has been crushed like a soda can. Bill Williams can barely stay on his feet while throwing a punch. These blokes are not even close to the same league. Chauncy out skills them in every department there is.
..chauncy would be lucky if sbw considerd a fight with him in a alley out the back of a pub which sbw would also win by ko ..

younger, fitter ( by a **** load ) , stronger , faster ..
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