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Default Re: Tyson Fury vs. Kevin Johnson, December 1st

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
22-0 in favor of the guy with the half foot height advantage; not many left with faith in Kingpin against a super heavy.

Funny that in recent polls, he was given a chance to upset Seth Mitchell when it seemed a meeting was possible in light of their beef.

This isn't just blind patriotism, but I'm honestly not sure Fury is a cut above Mitchell.

Sure, there was that embarrassing moment where it looked like Chazz Witherspoon was about to pop Seth's cherry, but Tyson had just as bad a whoopsy-daisy with Rogan and Pajkic and Firtha - and Chazz is a wee bit above their class.
i think Johnson would beat Mitchell based on styles, Johnson is one lazy mofo but Mitchell would be walkin right into him so he could land decent power punches and have Mitchell missin
i think Fury UD's him just from workrate Johnson will land the better shots and maybe hurt Fury a couple times but Fury will out jab and outwork him in a s****py fight
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