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Default Re: Tyson Fury vs. Kevin Johnson, December 1st

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
Johnson doesn't exchange or counter too often he usually goes into defensive mode when opponents attack especially if they're throwing in combination which Fury is good at. I could see a british stoppage in this one with Johnson trying to shoulder roll, bending at the waist along the ropes trying to do a ****ty rope a dope impression and Fury throwing a few combinations with the ref jumping in. Johnson is pretty feather fisted but nowhere near as bad as Pajkic who was still able to hurt Fury so if KJ hurts Fury and he manages to survive it expect a british stoppage for sure the first chance the ref gets just like in the Firtha fight.
i wouldnt be suprised then all we would hear is "Klitschko couldnt stop Johnson but Fury could" and some other bull**** hype
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