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Default Re: Geale will beat Golovkin

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Geale is running like a scarred little rabbit, he knows as does his camp that GGG fight is VERY risky and if GGG Catches Geale then Geales going to be sat on his bum and more than likely having a 10+ second snooze. If Mundine can sit him on his bum just imagine what a power puncher like GGG will be able to do. I honestly dont think Geale will ever fight GGG and will make up excuse after excuse not to fight him, it dont matter much anyhow because once Mundine defeats Geale its game over red rover
Jesus mate, you are getting worse.

Running scared from what? A fight that will happen, only made more sure by the WBA's actions. Every fight is risky mate, thats why he unified 2 titles.
It was a flash knock down on the back foot against mundine, not a sit down.
And how the **** do you know if Geale has made excuses to avoid GGG?

Where do you get your info from????
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