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Default Re: SIX REASONS Why MANNY PACQUIAO is CLEAN (Warning: Presence of LOGIC and FACTS)

Originally Posted by OnePunchKO View Post
Pacquiao gives ****ty interviews. Always has. Your crusade against Pacquiao is pathetic and sad. Funny how your ***got ***** ass can't see how suspicious it is that Floyd has a personal contract w/ USADA and how his lawyers blocked the release of the full test results.

And you don't have a smear campaign against Floyd? The irony.

You're just as guilty as the Pac accusers for pointing your finger at Floyd as a drug suspect except your **** holds very little weight due to the fact that your guy wanted an easy way out when it comes to strict drug testing. Why did he turn down VADA testing for his fight with Bradley? Why won't he go through stringent testing for his fight(s) with JMM when Juan suggested it? It's so simple for him to erase the cloud of suspicion yet he prefers to evade a few extra blood tests.

I'm not saying Floyd is 100% clean, in fact I believe there's a high percentage of boxers (including my faves) who are juicing, but if there's anyone who's the biggest suspect in the sport it's your little Filipino God mainly due to his reluctance to undergo random testing. Stop acting like Pacquiao writes you a check every month. He doesn't. And his choir boy attitude/appearance means **** all when it comes to determining complete innocence.
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