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Default Re: SIX REASONS Why MANNY PACQUIAO is CLEAN (Warning: Presence of LOGIC and FACTS)

Originally Posted by OnePunchKO View Post
Pacquiao's Body Hasn't Changed Much

Pac's body has filled out as he's gone up in weight, but by and large, his body has remained the same. He's always been lean and has looked less shredded than his days in the lower weight classes. His body size has looked the same from the Hatton fight to the Bradley fight. Compared to most junior welters and welters, Pac looks like a little twirp.

Pac has NOT undergone a physical change that would suggest that he's roiding. No one, neither writer nor boxing fan, has observed a significantly transformed body. The head size argument is just gay as **** considering that there are pictures of Pacquiao as a teenager sporting an unusually massive dome.

Pacquiao Has Never Been a Dirty Fighter

He doesn't rabbit punch, punch nutsacks, throw elbows, push heads down (intentionally), or retaliate (Barrera for punching on the break, Sanchez's headbutts and low blows). When Pac punched Marquez when Marquez was hanging on the ropes, it was more out of momentum and over excitement than being dirty. He let up on Margarito and practically begged the ref to stop the fight. Also, watch the end of the Diaz fight. Pac goes to check on Diaz, but is ushered away. Pure class.

Pacquiao Hasn't KO'D Anyone in 3 Years

Pac couldn't knock Cotto out. The stoppage occurred due to accumulation and Bayless having seen enough. Cotto wasn't out on his feet or knocked around like a rag doll at any point. Clottey, Margarito, Mosley, Marquez, and Bradley all lasted the distance. No one, not even Cotto, has said that Pac punches with frightening power. Yet they've all attributed his effectiveness to speed and angles.

Pac's power clearly has not carried up to the higher weights. The Hatton KO was a combination of the perfect punch being thrown aided by Hatton turning into it. And if you need anymore proof, Marquez said after their third meeting that Pac punched harder in their previous 2 fights.

Pacquiao NEVER refused Olympic Style Drug Testing

I repeat - Pac has NEVER refused Olympic Style Drug Testing. Pac wanted a cut-off date so as to finish the weeks leading up to the fight (the Fight of the Century!) with no interruption. Pac agreed to unlimited urine samples up until the day of the fight and a blood test immediately after the fight.

And there is no question whatsoever that Floyd was just trying to muscle Pac around to gain a mental advantage. They say boxing is 100% mental, and Floyd is no doubt the sport's biggest practitioner of pre-fight mental warfare. One more time for the *****s - Pac NEVER refused Olympic Style Drug Testing!

Pacquiao Has Repeatedly Demonstrated a Genuine Desire to Help Others

Aside from being a very clean fighter in the ring, Pac's personality outside of the ring (aside from the boozing and debauchery) doesn't reflect the actions of an individual that possesses a win at all costs mentality. He didn't need to go into politics, especially at the height of his boxing career. With his celebrity status, he could have easily lived off of endorsements, acting, and appearances. Instead, he took on a **** paying political job which requires him to dig deep into his bank account often. I'm not saying he's a saint or anything, but he's definitely helped out his country.

Pacquiao Told the Truth When the Best and Easiest Thing He Could Have Done Was Lie His Ass Off

When the whole debacle about *******uality went down (no pun intended), on something Pac didn't even say, tons of major newspapers and gossip sites picked it up and ran with it. GLAAD and human rights groups furiously demanded that Nike drop him immediately. A mall owner sent out a statement saying that Pac was no longer welcome to make an appearance. Things were looking very ugly for Pac as he found himself at the center of one of America's hot button issues.

The best and easiest thing Pac could have done was to apologize, blame context, and say that everyone deserves to be happy and marry whoever they wanted. What did Pac do? He flat out said that he didn't agree with *******uality and same *** marriage. This is a death knell for most people of celebrity status today, but he stuck with his guns and risked the good guy image (manufactured or not) and the potential repercussions.

This says to me that Pac's a pretty legit guy.

Thanks for reading.

Pacquiao "god spoke to me while I was walking in a forest.".

o_money, "this guy's full of ****"

P.s. ya he did refuse OSDT. And then even if he didn't everyone in his team says no to it. Its the same game everytime. Pac says all the right things about making the fight. Most of which are in direct opposition with things said by his closest advisors. Fact is you don't know what he'll agree to cause there is too much serial bull **** that comes out of his mouth and ever one's around him.

p.s.s. All politics is local. Pac bashed gays cause it wins him votes with his constituents. You call that standing your ground? I call that being a bully. It's pathetic.
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