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Default Re: MMA guys using non sports specific training IE Combat ropes

Originally Posted by Primate View Post
Yes, this happens in every sport. That's why no one in any athletic endeavour ever does any sort of conditioning outside of the skill training required for that particular sport.
my point is mma has so many different things too it...many of them that can be done in a intensive condition building way...stand up sparring.boxing and mauy thai both...hard bag work, mitt work...(all working the muscles in similar ways the rope does..but also improving punching power and form). than of course rollling..grappling..which is a awesome conditioning too. of course i think some room can be found for other work..and boxers do do things like ab work (although if you are doing pendulum swings you will get lots of ab working doing that...still i could see doing some ropes...i just think too many guys focus on that **** and there fighting workouts end up being cross fit workouts. The vast majority of your time should be spent doing sports specific movement...espically when you can find so many that really do work your conditioning in such a intense way.
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