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Default Re: Is De La Hoya overated?

[quote=PowerPuncher;14187868]So an Oscar fan then Oscar just wasn't that good, I thought Quartey beat him clearly, Whitaker was closer but he just wasn't that effective, close though.

Against Trinidad he landed more punches but was continually on the backfoot and only working for 30seconds of a round not to mention his opponent lands the better punches, he's losing all the effective aggression scoring. He also kissed goodbye to the championship rounds, now I think he should got the verdict but it's not making it clear to the judges. Against Mosley 2 again he lost the championship rounds and arguably the second half of the fight but probably built up enough points, still pretty close but again backing up and shipping the bigger punches. Any judge favouring effective aggression gives the fight to Mosley. No way is Mosley 2 more clear of a robbery than Quartey, except for the cheerleading commentators

Mayweather retired at 30, then in his comeback he fights the guys he was supposedly avoiding in Mosley/Cotto. Those 2-4years he took to fight Cotto and Mosley is pretty much the same amount of time it took Delahoya to fight Trinidad and Quartey after his Whitaker win. For the wrongs and rights of it, Pacquaio turned down a blood test and 50% to face Mayweather in '09. That's a far better offer than De La Hoya ever offered Winky Wright, 6 million, and is a better offer than Mayweather himself got against DLH, 35%.

Hopkins wasn't the strongest but is much better than you make out. He was 38 for Delahoya at a 157lb catch weight btw. Not to mention he'd go onto beat Winky Wright, Tarver, and arguably Joe Calzaghe (at 43) after that.

Both are easily greater than Delahoya

On one side we have Pacman , who climbed divisions to face Morales, Barrera & JMM one after the other & has fought them a combined 8 times, fought Lebweda on short notice. The other fought Corley, Brusses, Gatti & Sharmba Mitchell one after the other and just so happened to retire as his division was heating up.

Who should we belive? who has the track record of facing the best?

It does not change the fact the Hopkins was chased out of his own division by Jermain Taylor, becuase he could not beat him.

Winky cannot be trusted to make sound business discisions, I would take what he says with a grain of salt.
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