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Default Re: Geale will beat Golovkin

Originally Posted by HoldMyBeer View Post
if geale thought he could beat GGG, then surely he would fancy his chances of going one better too and would have gone to the US...?
going to germany and getting 2 paper titles (which is a good achievement), but then going back to australia and fighting mundine for $$ is essentially doing what ze germans did - taking a backwards step to greater glory...for the cash

its a negative move, but a common one for fighters who dont think they can go all the way
Oh ****, not another one.

Second hand info genius. You sound like the guy at the pub, that "knows" a boxer, and can tell you the ins and out of boxing and its secrets, all while showing all who will listen how good your jab is.

How the **** would you know what plans team Grange have? Fight offers and contracts change DAILY. Cash fights are a part of boxing. Get over it.
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