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Default Re: Geale will beat Golovkin

Originally Posted by fighta29 View Post
Geales a bit chinny?? when has he been ko'd???
Beatable opponents??Every fighter is. Geale has the goods to beat GGG
The WBA decided GGG could generate some immediate income, and have been ****ed around by sturm, not geale. And, it means nothing. What it does mean is a shot at GGG at a later date. No rush, they are not pursuing Geale either. Does that make GGG spineless ????? According to your reasoning, it does.
Noone wanted him to fight Mundine, but it will generate huge dollars. So why the **** not?
Credibility in boxing is based on what you do in your career, not one fight. He has done what nearly no other Aus boxer has done.

And wtf are you talking about with Martinez??? If you knew what the go was, you would know that the idea if chavez was beaten was always a re-match, and noone else would get an immediate look in as chavez jr has a HUGE following, and generates a ****load of cash. HBO has plans for a series of fights between chavez, martinez ,geale, ggg and other at a later date. These things take time. Just because he fights mundine doesnt mean these fights wont happen later.

**** mate, you seriously sound like the bloke that shows up at the gym, is not wanted there (we all have one), overhears a few things, and thinks he actually knows.

You dont.
Firstly, good post thanks for keeping it civil.

When i say he is a bit chinny, im going off opponents that have either knocked him down or hurt him when they had no place in doing so, meaning he got knocked down/hurt by fighters he really shouldnt have. None of them were big hitters like GGG so i think that fact plays in favour of GGG.

The WBA decided GGG fight would generate income, fair enough but more income than the Mundine fight with Geale? i dont really understand that, GGG wouldnt be making the couple of million that Geale will make fighting Mundine and had the WBA backed Geale then they would have got a slice of that pie, now they put all their eggs into one basket with GGG whom imo doesnt generate a huge income.

Geale could have fought GGG and then went on to fight Mundine and he could have keept the WBA belt in the process however i honestly belive that Geales camp know its the most risky fight they have taken to date and want to take the fight ONLY on their terms and ONLY when they are ready. I am still not sure the fight will ever take place, i sure as hell would love to be wrong on this occasion but my gut feeling tells me they want no part of GGG as other boxers in the past have followed the same route.

I was the first one to say he should cash in and fight Mundine, however i dont agree in throwing away the WBA belt he worked so hard to earn, in doing so. There is more than one way to skin a cat and i belive Geale and his team are going the wrong way about it, IF mundine defeats him then he can kiss USA goodbye, he will need GGG more than GGG needs him and it may play to his favour, geale that is, or he could simply hang them up, we just dont know, its boxing and anything can happen. Personally i was hoping he would fight Martinez and unify the division so no doubt i am very dissapointed that he has thrown the WBA belt in the bin and decided to go after the money.

Had he unifyed the division he would have got everything he has dreamed of in terms of money and fame, i just hope he isnt cutting his nose off to spite his face.

I read Martinez is fighting some other guy, cant recall from memory but someone posted a link to the article.

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