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Default Re: How good were Tyson's fundamental skills?

Originally Posted by salty trunks View Post
Id say 9.5. He was very close to being the total elite complete package. How many 5'11 guys can jab and box with guys who were 6'5 6'6 solid fighters? Tyson could cutoff the ring, close range with his jab and head movement and setup punches both inside and outside. Those are the fundamentals that the thread starter is referring to, and Tyson at his peak was great at it.

Kevin Rooney was a very skilled fighter himself who fought Davey Moore and Alexis Arguello, and he knew the importance of making Tyson well rounded considering the state of the division which consisted of a lot of tall guys who used footwork and mobility as people were still emulating the Ali-Holmes style of fighting during this time.

This, while under Kevin Rooney he was well rounded and could potentially fight more than one style of fight when he left him he ceased to be that and coupled with the lack of motivation it lead to him being beaten.
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