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Default Re: MMA guys using non sports specific training IE Combat ropes

Originally Posted by PIRA View Post
Sounds like bull**** here. Do you travel the country comparing how much rope work each gym does? What's the ****ing point of that? And "just grappling" may not address an individuals flaws - sounds like an observation from someone who has no experience.

What are your coaching credentials that you think you know better than "all these gyms"?
my coaching credentials is that i was a fair amateur boxer who has done a bit of mma training for fun. I suck on the ground though i've gotten better i have no real wish to work at it. having said that I have sparred with pro mma fighter at standup..and most y suck, realtive speaking..most come from wrestling they do actually do a fair amount of grappling..than they do a bunch of cross fit ****...and have almost nothing left for boxing (i think because in truth, they aint good at they dont want to train it..and they dont like sparring). when i do spar them i am generally not impressed..given the fact that i was never a great boxer and am not really training at all now. Hence my thought that most of these guys would benifit from more skill work, or even sports specific conditioning work (like the heavy bag).
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