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Default Re: Sonny Liston 'I Will Manage Floyd Patterson as Light-Heavyweight'

Originally Posted by Lord Tywin View Post
"Highly intelligent" ?? Who rated him highly intelligent? Ive heard his associates say he wasnt as ignorant as he was made out to be by the press but I also remember plenty of interviews and press conferences with him and the guy was exactly what he was: a poor illiterate sharecroppers with a grade school education at best.
Jose Torres said :
"I have never met an athlete in baseball, basketball, or football who is smarter, more intelligent than Sonny Liston. And the funny thing is that Sonny Liston was so smart it wasn't even funny. What people, what sportswriters specifically don't understand is that Sonny Liston was a man who could not articulate his ideas. If you spoke to him long enough you'd know he had brilliant ideas, that he had all those senses which take intelligence to perform"

Its pure comedy to suggest he would have been anything but completely out of his depth in negotiations with well schooled businessmen. The thought itself of Sonny sitting across the table from some of the greatest minds in boxing is rather funny.
I don't know what you're talking about. Boxing promoters and managers certainly - and even entrepreneurs in general - are not necessarily highly-schooled in the education department.

You'd probably say the same things about Don King, who was just a small-time hood off the street and out of jail not long before he was known as the shrewdest promoter in boxing.

I doubt Jack "Doc" Kearns and Tex Rickard had much formal education. They were cowboys and gamblers.

Guys like Yank Durham did fine negotiating for guys like Joe Frazier.

Most of the boxing managers were guys from the street and hustlers so I don't understand where you're coming from at all.

Nevermind that the fact that his criminal record and ties to organized crime would have prevented him from being licensed as such and would have prevented him from doing business in several states. He was already banned in New York and several of the states that New York had a relationship as a boxer, he would have never gotten licensed as a manager.
A good point, but Patterson was considered almost squeaky clean so perhaps his willingness in the partnership would have helped rehabilitate Liston's image.
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