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Default Re: Isn't it funny how most UFC fans don't like boxing, yet want to see more stand up

Originally Posted by Cleto_Reyes View Post
They want to see more stand up in UFC because wrestling on the ground for a UD is boring. If they want to see more stand up, why don't they turn to boxing?
This is utter ****e.

I'm neither an MMA guy or a Boxing guy, I'm in the middle I'm a Muay Thai guy with interests in both MMA and boxing, so I've no axe to grind either way and tend to see it from both sides.

The truth is MMA fans seem to be more opened minded about combat sports and contrary to your opening statement MMA guys like and very much respect boxing. The hate and condescending arrogance towards MMA seems to be very one way and comes very much from Boxing fans, which is proved day in day out on this forum with threads like this one. Almost all the hate on this thread is coming from Boxing fans not MMA fans. I really don’t understand why it’s all such an issue there’s enough room for all the combat sports, the more the merrier….

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