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Default Re: Isn't it funny how most UFC fans don't like boxing, yet want to see more stand up

Also, with boxing you can always break it down to very simple components.

You judge your distance. You select your punch. You throw it. It lands or it doesn't. Rinse. Repeat.

In MMA, there is a longer chain of progression. You get the takedown. Now you start to work, and you have options. You can try to pass guard. You can look to take the back. You can try to get your hooks in. You can try to isolate an arm. Etc etc etc. There's a lot more "5 step processes" (for want of a better expression.)

I still don't know **** all about the subtleties of the ground game, but I have learned to appreciate key moments in the grappling that I didn't recognize when I started. It's fun to appreciate a little bit of the scrambling and the submission battles on the ground, the key moments oftentimes aren't immediately obvious. It's a game of subtlety just the same as boxing is, except there's a wider variety of tools available and there's a higher chance of a sudden equalizer or momentum-shifter.

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