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Default Re: Bruno: Saville Tricked Me Into Meeting The Ripper.

Originally Posted by Jamal Perkins View Post
Its baffling and bewilding how this vulgar sinister looking man had such sway over huge swathes of society even in the 70s when tv personalities were treated like deities by some. When u consider he was a friend of Prince Charles and jack the ripper at the same time, and he was able to put his skirt up a 15 year olds skirt in front of a camera with another girl standing in the way while he was talking, such was his brazenness it baffles that everyone from the tv cameraman who filmed that to the rest of the bbc, media and press stayed quiet.
If he was only putting his skirt up another girls skirt I don't see the problem. A bit bizarre, but not really ***ual, just a bit of fabric fun.
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