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Default Re: Bruno: Saville Tricked Me Into Meeting The Ripper.

Originally Posted by JamieC View Post
This whole thing is bizarre. It shows you really can judge a book by it's cover, if someone looks like a massive paedo, then they are What is amazing is he even admitted to spending the night with a young girl in his autobiography! Add to that, everyone at the BBC knew he was a massive paedo and didnt say anything! So did the police, and they thought he was involved in murders (was his car not spotted in the area of one of the ripper murders leading to him being questioned?) I htink as BB says, theres probably more involved and he could have blown it open if they let him get done, we will see.

Oh ye Flea what is this about him being a necrophiliac, ive heard it a few times but havent found any sources?
They took a clay mould of his teeth to see if the bite marks matched his teeth
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