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Default Re: Dan Severn: Great Interview.

Yeah, that was a great video...thanks for posting it! Dan comes across as a good guy.

The bit where he talks about that pager he had, that would go off and tell him he had 30 days to get ready for a fight, his plane tickets are waiting for him...The interviewer said it was like something out of 'Bloodsport.'

Also the part where he's offered a fight in Mexico, that will take place in a real ****pit...start off with fighting ****s, move onto dog fights, then finally (in the same bloodsoaked arena) feature the humans, who can fight in jeans and cowboy boots if they want too...

Here is another good interview I found with the affable Beast:


A bit more detail in this one about his fight with Tank Abbott. He'd seen Abbott smash a convulsing 400lb sumo wrestler almost to death, then make fun of his twitching Severn decided "no mercy" for Tank. He took only three shots from Tank, and in return bludgeoned Tank over 276 times with massive elbow smashes, many to the back of the neck...

After losing the fight Tank declared, "It was like getting ****d by Freddie Mercury," of which Severn said "I knew in my heart it was not a compliment by any means..."

The wild and crazy frontier days of MMA...

It's a miracle people weren't killed to death in the early days of the octagon...
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