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Default Re: Jimmy Ellis vs Chris Byrd

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Am I the only one who thought Patterson was robbed against Ellis?!
I am huge on Patterson and always have been/will be, but I never called that a robbery. I just didn't like the decision. There was one round, I can't remember which it was but it's a great reason why I love Floyd. It was the only round, I think, where it looked like there was no way he was going anywhere in the fight but down and it may have been a 10/8 under today's scoring system. He was done-for. And he completely turned the tide and maintained a lead overall, in my opinion. He put some big leather on Ellis. But a lot of those rounds were very close.

And this was not the Floyd Patterson that reigned as champ. To me, a very good version of Ellis got narrowly beaten by a well, well past his best Patterson who wasn't able to put them together anywhere near the speed, explosiveness, consistency or regularity of his earlier days. If he took a loss to Frazier, after winning that title, that would've been a far nicer thing for his career than getting the bad end of the cards there, assuming he wasn't moidalized against Joe.
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