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Default Re: Tyson Fury vs. Kevin Johnson, December 1st

Originally Posted by Earl-hickey View Post
Serious question did Fury have trouble with rogan?

i remember it as basically one sided domination.
Rogie clearly took the 1st two, IMO. (and in the opinion of all of the many ESB observers commenting in the RBR)

Then of course Fury scored the KD and never trailed or seemed to lose control of the action again.

There were a couple of shots landed in those six minutes that made backers of the slowly revving Fury soil their longjohns, maybe not to the diaper blowout degree that Firtha and Pajkic did, but enough. Clench their ****es in taut anxiety, at the very least.

He was also too hittable all the way until the stoppage, with Rogie still getting his licks in as late as the fifth but with nowhere near the confidence and mus****-lathering as in 1 & 2.

The more optimistic takeaway besides taking a while to warm up and never really patching up his defense is that he did come back with a vengeance offensively in the third and the southpaw experiment strangely enough wasn't a total disaster for him.

He's clearly trying to improve as of that night; I'm just not sure how much he actually is.

If you remember one-sided domination through four-and-change, you need to go watch it again. That isn't what anybody else saw.

Originally Posted by Earl-hickey View Post
Also, Fury seems to be improving, he's only 24 and a superheavy (who peak late) so nowhere near Prime yet
I'll concede that point, and he's been a pro only four years, and learning on the job with a scant 31-4 (26) amateur record.

However, the regression against Pajkic and Firtha can't be denied. That flabby & dumbfounded Fury would've lost to the same Chisora he'd met earlier in the year.

He's appeared to improve in 2012...against Rogan, marginally - and considerably more against Maddalone. However, those can be viewed as progressive steps down in competition from Firtha and Pajkic (who were themselves major steps down from Chisora). The level of competition could be inflating whatever improvements he's made and creating a mirage that he's back to or beyond his Chisora self when in fact he may not be. Johnson might give us a clearer indication of whether he is. Certainly it's a leap back up to roughly the level of overall competition he faced in '11, with Johnson probably nestled in above Firtha and Pajkic but still below Chisora.

Originally Posted by Earl-hickey View Post
Seth Mitchell is 30, and a small heavyweight, he's in his absoloute prime, this is it for Mitchell, he wont be getting any better
Mitchell has been a pro the same amount of time as Fury.

He had a quarter as many amateur bouts as Fury, and so is even more a "working student".

He is about five times the natural athlete Fury is.

He is a pure puncher, which is more the type of heavyweight that endures into "old ring age" than a volume-hitting boxer-brawler like Fury. (power's the last to go, long after energy and stamina are sapped away) Obviously defensive guys like Johnson are going to accumulate the least damage and thus be most disposed toward prolonging their careers and milking their flagging ability, or Holy Crusader obsessive workhorse gymrats like Holyfield - but neither Fury nor Mitchell fit either bill.

I'm not sure Mitchell won't continue to polish his rough edges, or that he won't build himself up to as great an extent as the seemingly very touch-and-go 2-steps-forward-3-back-2-forward-again Fury.

Look at their trainers, it's a wash. Virtually unknown Andre Hunter against Fury's uncle. Promoters, I tend to think Golden Boy is going to have a better idea how to develop a potentially very lucrative heavyweight - and have more cash to dump into the project - than Mick.

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