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Default Re: Tyson Fury vs. Kevin Johnson, December 1st

Originally Posted by |A|C|S| View Post
i think Johnson would beat Mitchell based on styles, Johnson is one lazy mofo but Mitchell would be walkin right into him so he could land decent power punches and have Mitchell missin
i think Fury UD's him just from workrate Johnson will land the better shots and maybe hurt Fury a couple times but Fury will out jab and outwork him in a s****py fight
Outworking him goes without saying...but outjab him? You think?

That's about the last thing I'd expect, even with Fury holding advantages in height and reach and being far likelier to come forward and look to set up offense behind his jab.

Fury's is alright, but Johnson for all his downside still does carry a top 3 jab in the division to my eyes. It's like a poor man's Holmes', which is still high praise. It's virtually the sole foundation of his name ever getting built up at all, along with his brand of defensive slickness (which is every bit as much a liability given most judges' preferences in scoring criteria). Fury's jab is hardly his bread and butter, just one of the staples in his pantry.

In terms of the jab as a tool used to implement either man's game plan, it's easier to picture KJ using his to keep Fury's fury at bay (for a time) than envisioning Tyson splitting Johnson's guard with his and creating openings to drop in flurries unhindered on a reluctant target.
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