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Default Re: Tyson Fury vs. Kevin Johnson, December 1st

Originally Posted by BadDog View Post
Johnson is awful, he is like Audley Harrison, a boxer who doesn't punch for some reason. Why even become a pro boxer if you don't punch. It's like a pilot who doesn't fly.
His right is a *******, actually, but it's a secret he usually holds close to the chest.

He'll need to find some confidence and let it off the leash to have a chance at the upset. 36 minutes of jabs on the backfoot won't serve him on the Emerald Isle. Not with the big lad bringing the heat and looking to extend his momentum & tale of redemption from the rest of this year with sights fixed on his biggest scalp since Del Boy. Kev needs to crack him with something that really smarts - preferably early - and instill that same doubt that flickered across his face vs. Neven and Nikola (and to a much lesser extent, Martin).
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