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Default Re: Roger: Floyd’s still better than 90% of the mother*ckers out there.

Originally Posted by brando View Post
Jenna: Floyd is turning 36 next year, do you actually expect him to return to the ring?

He’s going to get back in the ring. Floyd’s still better than 90% of the mother*ckers out there. Floyd would still whoop Pacquiao’s ass, he would still whoop Timothy Bradley’s ass. He would do that for sure. So when you talk about 'if Floyd can do what he did before’ well maybe he can’t do what he did before, but he can do well more than what they can do. You saw what he did to Ortiz didn’t you, you saw him whoop Cotto didn’t you, and I did not see Floyd test positive for steroids in him did he? Alright then, I think he can put a little more hurt on someone. Put a little hurt on Bradley and Pacquiao. Them the two fights he has to have, and it will clear it up right there.
Too late uncle Rog, beating pac now proves nothing except the theory that floyd waited for him to slip & beating Bradley proves **** as he just isn`t a great fighter.

Martinez is the only credible fight left for floyd & we know that ain`t happening, just like pac 09-11 never happened.
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