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Default Re: Is Wladimir the most athletic HW champion ever?

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Purrity was not a jouneyman. He only has three stoppage losses in a 50 plus fight career, the first were his second fight and fifth fight which could be anything, and he mixed in very high company. For example, he knocked down Tommy Morrison twice and still only drew the bout in 94. Journeyman don't have stuff like that on their resume. It just shows Wlad fought people at the top early doors and wasn't protected at all like most Brit HW's are at that age, e.g Price. And he's 29
Purrity was a ****ing journeyman dude,.... Lol.
Wake the **** up.

Wladimir lose in his physical prime to a journeyman and lost in his prime to two fighters of inferior qualities.

The guy's been floored 14 times and was knocked out tkoed 3 times during his youth/prime and you still go on and on and on.

Wake up
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