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Default Re: Is Wladimir the most athletic HW champion ever?

Originally Posted by Ukrainian View Post
You don't go by age moron. You go by # of fights.

Are you ****ing re****ed?

Lewis in his 15th fight was already fighting a 35-0 guy.

Go look up Wladimir's 15th fight and tell me the record of his opponent.

Lewis in his 20ish fights were fighting guys that were 48-1 for WBC titles.

Go look up Wladimir's 20ish fights and find someone who is 48-1 or even close to that record.

I can't believe the audacity of re**** Klit****s. You ****ing go by # of fights not age.. Jesus Christ you are dumber than a rock..

Klit**** Land:

Where 40 fights= green against Sanders
Where it's not the # of fights you have, but HOW OLD you were

By the time he's 25 Canelo would probably have over 50+ fights.. but I guess in your eyes he'll still be considered 'green' cuz I mean he's only 25 hes a babbbbbyyyyy

It must kill a complete ****head like you to see him still champ, you are pond life shut the **** up and go and show every one your fight vids you **** if you know everything
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