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Default Re: Sonny Liston 'I Will Manage Floyd Patterson as Light-Heavyweight'

Lets leave it at this: You think Liston was some sort of renaissance man possessed of both brains and brawn, who would have been another Don King, or Tex Rickard.

I, like most people at the time, think Liston was a thug with below average intelligence whose only outlet in life was every going to be beating people up.

I will just close by saying its awfully naive to think that any bumpkin with a third grade education can waltz in off the street and do what these guys can do.

I would ask if you think it was poor managerial acumen that led Patterson to Liston? I would disagree. In reality at least part of the reason Patterson was acting on his own behalf was expressly because he wanted to fight Liston. He was a man of integrity and did the right thing when most wanted him to duck Liston even while admitting Liston was his outstanding challenger. In the process he also made more money than he would have against anyone else. What would you have him do differently? Abdicate and instead of getting over one million to fight Liston drop down and fight a light heavyweight championship for one tenth that? If thats the case no wonder you admire Liston's "intellect." Patterson made the right decision both morally and in a business sense.
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