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Default Re: If a prime George Foreman was transplanted into this era how well would he do?

If you literally picked up the Foreman and dropped him in to this era he would beat everyone with ease but the Klitschko's.

I'd still favour him over Wlad who would get caught with something at some point just like in his recent fight with Wach. Foreman is durable enough to not get stopped early and clearly has the power to KO Wlad as well as the ability to finish off an opponent who is hurt.

Prime Vitali probably beats him. Though I have my doubts. Lewis' game plan of simply walking down Vitali behind a stiff jab was hardly something beyond prime Foreman, so would not be surprised if he was able to even beat a prime Vitali. The current old Vitali definitely gets ground down.

But if you were to take a young Foreman and give him access to modern training, nutrition and handled his career properly, giving him a decent amateur back ground and good trainers I think he would have been a dominant champion.

People say Foreman in his prime was crude and he was, but this was because he was still learning to box hence which is why he was more skilled later in his career. He had very little amateur experience despite winning the Olympic title. He has his first amateur fight in late 66 yet was Olympic champion in 68. How many fighters do you think could have won an Olympic title with so little experience?
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